This page is about the digimon in there natural habitats


Fresh: Jyraimon
In-training: Gigimon
Rookie: Guilmon
Champion: Growlmon
Ultimate: WarGrowlmon
Mega: Gallantmon
Mega II: Gallantmon CM (Crimson Mode)

Jyarimon Nature09:22

Jyarimon Nature



Fresh: Dodomon
In-training: Dorimon
Rookie: Dorumon
Champion: Dorugamon, (New Year Event 2015) Dexdorugamon
Ultimate: DoruGreymon, (New Year Event 2015) Dexdorugreymon
Mega: Alphamon, (New Year Event 2015) Dexdorugoramon
Mega II: Alphamon Ouryuken, (New Year Event 2015) Dexmon
Dodomon Nature Video-110:35

Dodomon Nature Video-1



Fresh: Botamon
In-training: Koromon, Pagumon
Rookie: Agumon, Agumon 2006, (DLC) Black Agumon, Demi-Devimon, (DLC) Agumon X, (DLC) Black Agumon X
Champion: GeoGreymon, Greymon, (DLC) Black Greymon, Devimon, (DLC) Greymon X, (DLC) Black Greymon X
Ultimate: RizeGreymon, MetalGreymon, SkullGreymo , (DLC) Black MetalGreymon, Myotismon, Neo-Devimon, (DLC) Metal Greymon X, (DLC) Black Metal Greymon X
Mega: ShineGreymon, WarGreymon, MachineDramon, (DLC) Black WarGreymon, Venomyotismon, Daemon, (DLC) Kimeramon, (DLC) Apoclymon, (DLC) War Greymon X, (DLC) Black War Greymon X
Mega II: ShineGreymon Burst Mode, ShineGreymon Ruin Mode, VictoryGreymon, Chaosdramon, Malomyotismon, Daemon Beast mode, (DLC) Millenniummon, (DLC) Mephistomon

Super Ultimate: Daemon Super Ultimate, (DLC) Moon Millenniummon, (DLC) Zeed Millenniummon, (DLC) Gulfmon




Fresh: Chibomon
In-training: DemiVeemon
Rookie: Veemon
Champion: ExVeemon
Ultimate: Paildramon
Mega: Imperialdramon DM (Dragon Mode)
Mega II: Imperialdramon FM (Fighter Mode)
Super Ultimate: Imperialdramon PM (Paladin Mode)

Armor: Flamedramon, Raidramon, Magnadramon



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