These are the Special Digimon not mentioned in DLC or Findables or are just hardly mentioned.


RobloxScreenShot03242013 005334772


Omnimon is the combination of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. It is obtainable by defeating the PM boss inside the Yggdrasil portal  and when defeated it will drop the Omnimon Sword DNA. You will need a level of 321 to access Omnimon.


Health        Moves/Damage

6333          GaruruCannon(2000),GreySword(2700),DoubleTorrents(3200),OmegaBlast(3000)

Omnimon Zwart

thumb|left|link= This is an exclusive digimon given to the Royal Knight Volanthat

Health        Moves/Damage

90000     GaruruCannon(4444),GreySword(5555),DoubleTorrents(6000),OmegaBlast(6666)

Magnamon X

This is an exclusive digimon given to the Royal Knight lordlucario112.


Health   Moves/Damage

N/A    Plasma Shoot(N/A)), Extreme Jihad(N/A)

Imperialdramon PM (Public & Special)

RobloxScreenShot01062013 123851906

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

The Omnimon sword data that drops from the Boss  in yggdrasil allows acces to this digimon. Digivolve from Chibomon and be at least level 521. The special PM is now available in survival tournaments hosted by nakata1609.


Digimon        Health    Moves/Damage

PM(Public)    7777       OmegaBlade*,Positron Laser(2000),GigaDeath(2500),SplendorBlade(1500)

PM(Special)  15000       OmegaBlade**,Positron Laser(2000),GigaDeath(2500),SplendorBlade(1500)

*Pm(Public)               OmegaBlade close is 9999 and Rings are 4599

**PM(Special)            OmegaBlade close is 9999 and Rings are 29997

Holiday Digimon Stats

Only add digimon to this list if there are at least two digimon for the event if not more.

Digimon                                  Health      Moves/Damage

Bakomon                                   600          GumRoll(Evasive),Transdelivery(500)

Frigimon                                    999         SubzeroIcePunch(333),SnowBall(433),IceBreath(633)

Black Guilmon                           650          RockBreaker(150),PyroSphere(200),RockNRollBreaker(Evasive)

MetalKoromon                           333          JammingPowder(167)

Shinegreymon Ruin Mode         5100        ShiningBlast(Evasive),TorridWhite(1700),GloriousBurst(1800)

WarGrowlmon(Yellow)              3500         AtomicBlaster(6000),DoubleEdge(500),HammerEdge(600)

Alphamon Ouryuken

This is an exclusive digimon given to the Royal Knight TrueNight13.
RobloxScreenShot01022013 170454459

Alphamon Ouryuken


Health   Moves/Damage

99999     Ultimate-Battle-Blade-OURYUKEN(10000(Melee), 30000(Range)), Digitalize of Soul(24000)


RobloxScreenShot01022013 170255112



Digimon               Health      Moves/Damage

Apocalymon         6000         TentacleAttack(2455), DeathEvolution(2455), GigaCannon(1900), Darkness(6000), GranDeathBigBang(6000)

Mephistomon      9000         BlackSabbath(3600), DarkCloud(4499 for each)

Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode

Currently a personal for nakata1609.
RobloxScreenShot01272013 120639114

Shoutmon X7 SM


Health      Moves/Damage

55555          Final Xros Blade(Melee(K.O)Range(73331)), DoubleFlareBuster(~13337), SevenVictorizeMaximum(~8000), AllOmegaTheFusion(~13337)       

Black Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode

Buy able at the DLC Store for 700 robux

Black Shoutmon X7 SM


Health      Moves/Damage

9000         FinalXrosBlade(~6000), DoubleFlareBusterB(~2200), SevenVictorizeMaximumB(~4000), AllOmegaTheFusionB(~3000)      


This digimon has been made a DLC as of 7/29/14. This can be obtained by buying the new Kimeramon gamepass.thumb|148px|link=


Health    Moves/Damage

33337     TimeDestroyer(9999), ChronoParadox(10220)

Lucemon Satan Mode

An exclusive digimon only avaiable to Dragoniron121. Now available as DLC,


Lucemon Satan Mode


Health    Moves/Damage

50000     DivineAtonment(~70000), WrathOfSatan(N/A), PurgatorialFlame(N/A)

'Seed of ZeedMillenniummon'




Health    Moves/Damage

N/A     N/A

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